February 2024: Latest Disney+ Premieres & Updates


Get ready for a magical February as Disney+ unpacks a treasure trove of new content to brighten up your screens! From spellbinding premieres to thrilling updates, the platform is set to deliver a slew of must-watch goodies next month. Whether you’re a die-hard Disney aficionado or simply looking for your next streaming obsession, Disney+ has got you covered with an array of offerings sure to delight viewers of all ages. So grab your popcorn and snuggle up – here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming to Disney+ in February 2024.

First up on the list, we’re getting a brand new series that’s been on everyone’s lips. “The Chronicles of Prydain,” an epic fantasy adventure, will unravel its magic this month. Inspired by the classic book series, the show promises to whisk us away to a world of mystique with its enchanting storyline and cutting-edge animation. Expect a wholesome serving of heroism, evil enchanters, and legendary lore that will leave both book fans and newcomers spellbound.

Animation enthusiasts have another reason to rejoice with the much-anticipated release of “Pixar’s Folklore and Legends.” This animated anthology, featuring tales from around the globe, brings together a star-studded voice cast and the signature Pixar charm. Every story is a lovingly crafted piece that celebrates cultural diversity through the lens of Pixar’s imaginative storytelling.

If you’re looking for something that’s out of this world, then get set for “Galactic Adventures Daily” where you’ll follow the lives of space explorers tackling the unknown. This series combines documentary-style footage with action-packed sequences, making cosmic wonders more accessible and entertaining than ever before.

And for those seeking a hit of nostalgia, February welcomes the reboot of a 90’s classic – “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers Remix.” Old friends with new twists, this revival features Chip, Dale, and the gang as they take on modern-day crimes in their unique and humorous style. Mixing traditional animation and 3D, this series is a refreshing update that honors its roots while engaging the new generation.

Not forgetting the little ones, Disney+ continues to churn out content with family values at its heart. “Mickey’s Funhouse Adventure,” aimed at pre-schoolers, is an interactive experience filled with sing-alongs, puzzles, and educational games.

Docu-series lovers will have their curiosity piqued by “Behind The Attraction: The Sequel.” Building on the success of its predecessor, this series dives deeper into the fascinating histories of Disney’s theme park attractions and the visionary thinking that brought them to life.

Exclusive to Disney+ comes “Marvel’s Behind the Mask,” promising to unearth the rich legacy behind the comic giant’s most captivating characters. The series explores the creative minds that have penned the iconic stories and how these narratives have evolved over the years.

An enthralling slate of movies is also arriving, including “The Imaginary Worlds of Disney” – a whimsical compilation of shorts that explore the endless creativity of Disney storytellers. Prepare for a journey through sight and sound as you experience tales that have touched hearts for generations, reimagined for today’s audience.

Lest we forget, February also brings Valentine’s cheer with the “Disney+ Valentine’s Day Collection.” A curated selection of love-filled films and specials will set hearts aflutter and provide the perfect backdrop for a cozy night in.

In a bid to champion diverse voices, Disney+ introduces “Voices Rising: The Music of Today.” This insightful documentary centers on emerging artists and the impact of their work in a rapidly changing world. It’s a compelling watch that not only entertains but inspires.

To round out the month, make sure to catch other returning series with new seasons, special episodes on your favorite Disney+ Originals, and surprise releases sure to tickle your fancy. There simply is something for everyone this February on Disney+.

With an exciting line-up like this, Disney+ ensures that your February is packed with enchantment, wonder, and a touch of pixie dust. So, update your watchlist, and dive into the stories that only Disney can tell. February 2024 is shaping up to be a fabulous month on Disney+!

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