February 2024: Discover New Netflix Releases & Premieres


Love is in the air at Netflix, and February is shaping up to be a cozy month for subscribers with a penchant for romance. As we wave goodbye to the money-tight January days, Netflix greets us with a lineup of romantic comedies set to win over our hearts. For those looking for something a little different, there’s also the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ to look forward to. Hailed as a mammoth venture, expectations run high for this adaptation to mirror the success of its anime counterpart, much like the buzz that surrounds ‘One Piece.’

Before you dive into February’s offerings, it’s worth noting that Netflix is also home to a slew of Oscar-nominated films. From the heavily-nominated ‘Maestro’ with seven nods, to the likes of ‘The Snow Society,’ ‘Nyad,’ and ‘Count,’ each nominated for two Oscars, as well as ‘Nimona,’ ‘Rustin,’ and ‘The wonderful story of Henry Sugar’ securing one nomination each. It’s the perfect time to catch up on these acclaimed titles and gear up with all the movie trivia you need for the upcoming awards season.

Now, let’s get to the fun part – here’s the roll call of all the series making their debut on Netflix this February:

**February 1**
– “Every man for himself!” (Reality)

**February 2**
– “Someone Like Chu” (Premiere)

**February 5**
– “Dee and her friends in the Land of Oz” (Premiere, Animation)

**February 7**
– “Light” (Premiere)
– “Raël: The Last Prophet” (Miniseries)

**February 8**
– “Always the same day” (Premiere)

**February 9**
– “The Killer Paradox” (Premiere)
– “Alpha males” (Season 2)

**February 13**
– “Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All” (Premiere)

**February 14**
– “Love Is Blind” (Season 6)
– “Good morning, Veronica” (Season 3)

**February 15**
– “The Vince Staples Show” (Premiere)
– “Pícaro: Little Nicolás” (Miniseries)
– “Ready, set, love!” (Premiere)

**February 16**
– “Warrior” (Complete Series)
– “Comedy and chaos” (Premiere)

**February 19**
– “Einstein and the Bomb” (Premiere)
– “Rhythm + Flow: Italia” (Premiere)

**February 22**
– “Avatar the last Airbender” (Premiere, live action)

**February 28**
– “In the swamp” (Season 3)

But that’s not all! We can’t talk about February without the movies, and Netflix is delivering a good mix there too. Whether you’re in the mood for drama, laughs, or thrills, there’s something for everyone.

**February 1**
– “Now”
– “Friends…”
– “City of murderers”
– “Tough circumstances”
– “The evil of others”

**February 2**
– “Orion and the dark city”

**February 9**
– “Love, harassment, murder” (Documentary)
– “Ash”

**February 13**
– “Kill me if you dare darling”

**February 14**
– “The games of love”
– “A love story in Soweto”

**February 23**
– “Through my window 3: Through your gaze”
– “MEA culpa”

Get ready for a February filled with new stories, intriguing characters, and the kind of content that makes cozying up at home with Netflix something to look forward to. Whether you’re looking for laughs, tears, or some edge-of-your-seat drama, Netflix has your February watchlist covered. So grab your favorite snacks, throw on your comfiest blanket, and let these Netflix arrivals keep you company throughout the month of love–and beyond.

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