February 13: Year 4 Evening Countdown Begins with First News


In previous articles, it has been mentioned that next week would be important for The Evening of the Year 4. The Ibai Llanos wrestling tournament is taking more shape, despite the fact that we still need to know all the fundamental details, such as the venue in which it will be held, the boxers, and the artists who will participate to liven up the event.

This last point raises more doubts, as Ibai himself expressed in his live stream on Twitch the intention of going all-in for an artist, and if it comes out, he would possibly be given a space of 30-40 minutes in the middle of La Velada. Even so, there are still a few months left to meet all the artists since they will be the ones who will take the longest to close and sign all the agreements, but with those who have already closed it and more than agreed upon it are with the boxers.

Tickets for the event will cost between 5 and 10 euros. On February 13th, on Twitch live, the river, Ibai will announce the day on which the presentation of the fights will be held, and for the first time, there will be the presence of the public. That same day, online ticket sales will be launched, and to prevent cases like the one with the KOI presentation from happening, these will not be free.

The tickets will cost a “Symbolic price” and its amount would be between 5 and 10 euros each. The only information we know about this presentation is that it will take place in a theater in Barcelona and that it will have a reduced capacity. If you cannot attend, you can follow the news of The Evening of the Year 4 on the Ibai Twitch channel, or on our news portal.

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