Feb 13 Spanish Wordle: Science & Accents Clues, Solution


Are you ready for some brain-teasing fun? Today, I’m here to walk you through the latest Wordle puzzles that have got everyone buzzing. It’s Tuesday, February 13th, and we’re tackling challenge number 768, as well as a couple of its intriguing cousins – the accent challenge and the scientific Wordle. Let’s get our thinking caps on and dive into the mystery of these five-letter words!

First things first: the normal Wordle challenge. You’ve got six tries to guess a daily word made up of 5 letters – sounds simple, right? But to give you a leg up, I’ve got some handy tips and tricks to help you uncover the answer with the least amount of guesswork.

**Solution to challenge 768 of February 13, 2024**

Clue time! Here are five hints to uncover today’s Wordle word:

1. There’s a balanced mix of 2 vowels and 3 consonants.
2. It’s an adjective—a descriptor, if you will—and it’s singular.
3. A consonant kicks it off and one also brings up the rear.
4. One of the letters is a repeat offender.
5. It describes something or someone that’s deemed fit or qualified.

**Solution to Wordle challenge 715 with accents of February 13, 2024**

But wait, there’s more! For those who love a bit of linguistic flavor, we have the Wordle with an accent challenge. The following five clues will help you pinpoint the accented word:

1. It’s rich in vowels with 5 of them, alongside 2 consonants.
2. Both the beginning and the end are hugged by vowels.
3. The accent reveals itself on the second-to-last letter.
4. Be on the lookout – one letter makes an encore appearance.
5. This word is all about the quality attributed to the one who creates.

**Solution to challenge 702 of the scientific Wordle of February 13, 2024**

For those with a passion for science, here are five more hints for today’s scientific Wordle:

1. The word is a mix of 3 vowels and 3 consonants – a perfect equilibrium.
2. It starts with a consonant and ends in a vowel – a little symmetry for you.
3. The accent, a distinct emphasis, lands on the final letter.
4. The letter ‘E’ comes into play not once, but twice.
5. It relates to an important bone, one that’s part of the leg and vital for movement.

If you’re eager to know the answers without any more suspense, here they are:

**What is today’s word in Wordle?**
The answer is “Able.” Simple yet descriptive, it’s a word that speaks to competence and readiness.

**What is today’s word in Wordle with an accent?**
It’s “Authorship.” A word that captures the essence of creation and original work.

**What is today’s word in Scientific Wordle?**
And for the scientific minds out there, the word of the day is “Fibula.” A key bone in the leg that reminds us of the beauty and complexity of human anatomy.

So there you have it! Whether you fancy yourself a wordsmith, a language enthusiast, or a science whiz, these Wordle challenges provide a daily dose of intellectual stimulation. Keep playing, keep guessing, and most importantly, keep enjoying the puzzle that language brings into our lives every day.

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