Exploring Winks and References in Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer


After almost six years since the end of the adaptations of the mutant comics on Fox’s big screen, we finally have the long-awaited trailer for Deadpool 3. This film has the difficult task of reconciling the continuity of Fox’s mutant films with the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe under the plot umbrella of the multiverse. And it does so with style and a sense of humor unique to the character of Deadpool, in a clever move by Disney assuming the singularity of the character to integrate its different plots and characters in a casual and attractive way.

The most important details of the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer:

Deadpool 3, now definitively titled as Deadpool & Wolverine, draws directly from the concept of alternative universes and realities that Marvel has been presenting in recent years. In this context, Deadpool 3 takes the baton of the events that took place in the Loki series and presents the TVA (Temporal Variation Authority) as villains of the plot. This “continuity security agency” interrupts Wade’s birthday party, where we can see old acquaintances from the previous films such as Colossus and Broken Star.

From the trailer, it is evident that Deadpool is using the device that allowed him to travel through time appearing in Deadpool 2 to avoid his death. The agency recruits Deadpool as an agent and introduces us to a new and important agent, Paradox, who reminds us a lot of Mobius, the character played by Owen Wilson in Loki.

Fox’s mutants are back:

While there are many details for which we still do not have a context that allows us to know for sure what they mean, it seems that Paradox recruits Deadpool to work at the TVA, perhaps to try to protect the Marvel Studios timeline in case of an incursion. In a quick succession of images, we can see what seems to be the great villain of the film, Cassandra Nova, and a first look at Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, this time in his Patch identity, playing in a casino.

We still don’t know how the mutants from the Fox movies fit into Deadpool & Wolverine, but we know that Wolverine won’t be alone. One of the old mutants that we have already seen is Pyro, played by Aaron Stanford, this time in a uniform similar to the one the mutant wears in the comics. The trailer offers a confusing montage about which we can only speculate. For example, we see that Deadpool faces several TVA agents and that they, in turn, are attacked by a mysterious purple creature that is very reminiscent of Alloth, the transtemporal entity that fans met in Loki’s first season.

Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine:

One of the great commercial claims of the film is the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Although Jackman had made it clear that Logan in 2017 would be his last appearance as the mutant, it seems that he will say goodbye definitively in this new film. Wolverine will appear in a yellow uniform similar to that of the comics, as was one of the few official images of the film published during production. His presence in the film, like that of Charles Xavier played by Patrick Stewart in the latest Doctor Strange movie, advances a potential return to almost the entire X-Men of the Fox films.

Other winks and cameos and secrets from the trailer:

The trailer is full of winks and cameos that will delight fans. You can see references to the old 20th Century Fox and to comics. The protagonist of the film, Ryan Reynolds, has been giving clues and teasing other possible surprises, such as a cameo by Taylor Swift as Dazzler.

In conclusion, Deadpool & Wolverine, a film that promises to be one of the most notable premieres of the Marvel Universe and its complete renewal. It is set to be released on July 26, 2024, starting an exciting mutant adventure.

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