Exploring the Structure of Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Game


Two days have passed since Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was presented at the Xbox Developer_Direct in a stylish manner. Almost everyone was enthusiastic about the proposal from Machine Games and it was confirmed that the video game is set to arrive in 2024. Although Bethesda offered quite a few interesting details, such as the first person perspective, the functions of the whip, the puzzles, etc., the game structure was still unknown. But now we know, and players can be satisfied.

After reading the official description of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle on its Steam page, it is clear that both fans of linear games and open worlds will be satisfied. Bethesda confirms that this video game will be a mix of the two things, “one linear narrative and large maps to get lost in”. This suggests that there will be areas where exploring will be an option, and players will surely be rewarded for it.

“Unleash your most exploratory side and dive into a world of overwhelming secrets, deadly traps and intricate puzzles,” the description mentions. It is clear that Indy will face many dangers, but it seems that the snakes will also be an enemy to consider. Players will be accompanied by the whip, which “remains your most faithful companion, and you can wield it to distract, disarm and attack enemies” (via Gamingbolt). It is also “Indy’s main tool when it comes to moving forward and interacting with the environment.”

As for the engine used, not many details have been revealed yet, but on the Developer_Direct, some users noticed that MachineGames uses the Id Tech 7, a version of the graphics engine used by parents of Doom and Quake. It should be noted that this engine has already been used in Doom Eternal, a shooter developed by Id Software, and serves as an example in the industry of how to optimize a video game.

Overall, fans are anticipating the release of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and the game seems to promise a thrilling experience filled with adventure and exploration.

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