Exploring the Enigmatic Region in Palworld: A Disappointing Journey


The area of great tree of Palworld has become an inaccessible place for all the explorers who have visited it. Palworld was launched a little over a week ago and since then it has been making headlines due to its unique proposal and the controversy with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. The game has broken records on Steam with two million simultaneous players and eight million copies sold.

The Palworld community has been very active, accomplishing feats such as creating a retired Pokémon mod, unlocking crazy Pals abilities, developing a Paldex with all the creature information, mapping existing locations, and uncovering mysteries.

The great tree of Palworld is a prominent feature in the game, visible from anywhere and glowing at night with stunning blues and greens. It has attracted the attention of many players due to its size, colors, and glow. However, upon close inspection, it has been discovered to be nothing more than mere decoration, which has left many players disappointed.

Despite being a physical location within the game, the great tree of Palworld does not appear on official maps. It seems to be a visual element without any functional use. Some players have ventured beyond the tree, only to find a wasteland with no purpose. Videos have been shared showing attempts to cross the invisible wall around the tree, but to no avail.

The community has speculated that the area may hold significance in future updates, DLCs, or expansions. Pocket Pair, Inc. has shared a roadmap detailing upcoming content, including new zones and Pals, which suggests that the red wall around the tree may disappear in future updates.

In conclusion, visiting the great tree of Palworld is currently pointless and a waste of time. However, with the promise of future updates, it is possible that its significance may be revealed soon.

(Source: VidaExtra)

1) [Twitter post by user @gamer123] Just found out about the disappointing truth behind the great tree in Palworld. Hopefully, future updates will make it more exciting! #Palworld #gamingdisappointment
2) [Twitter post by user @explorer22] So eager to see what lies beyond the great tree of Palworld! It’s disappointing that there’s not much to discover right now. I hope they add some exciting content in the future. #Palworld #gamingadventure

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