Explore Types & Formats in Dogfight Wild Tournament 2


Get ready, fight enthusiasts! The much-anticipated Dogfight Wild Tournament 2nd, crafted by none other than Jordi Wild, is about to kick off, promising a spectacle even grander than its inaugural edition. Brace yourselves for a breathtaking lineup showcasing a smorgasbord of combat styles, guaranteed to cater to every flavor of fight fan out there. This event isn’t just a display of mixed martial arts at its finest, it’s a full-on festival stirring up the MMA community, drawing newcomers into the thrilling realm of combat sports thanks to the widespread allure of its founder, Jordi Wild.

The air is electric with anticipation, and the pre-event banter among the fighters is just adding fuel to the fire. All the action ramps up on Thursday, February 8, with the official weigh-ins and face-offs scheduled for 20:00 Spanish Peninsular Time. And, mark your calendars because the main event unfolds the very next day, Friday, February 9, at 19:00. The venue? Tarragona’s famed Tarraco Arena.

Here’s a sneak peek into the dynamic matchups you can expect at Jordi Wild’s Dogfight Wild Tournament 2nd:

**Sudden Death:**
A match promising a fast and furious clash, Aitors “Gaps” Gaspar will go head-to-head with Zdravko “Bad News” Tarnadzhiev.

**2 vs 2:**
Doubling up the mayhem, Chiky “El habilidoso” Arroyo teams up with Bogdan Vasilache to take on the formidable duo of Alberto Rondán and Nicolás Martínez.

**Only Knuckle Femenino:**
The ladies are also stepping into the ring. Witness Victoria “La Furia” Albons battle it out with Yamila “Sukhi” Sánchez in what promises to be a no-holds-barred contest.

**No Rules:**
Buckle up for an unpredictable brawl as Franco “El Rey de la calle” Tenaglia faces Sufiane Bahri in a match where anything could happen.

**Last Survivor:**
A marathon melee of endurance and strategy, Nacho “The Dragon” de la Encina, Juan “The Wuan” Marín, Mohamed “El Sicario” Benchriff, Rodrigo “El Elegante” Peñarubia, Tomás “Tortuga” Luján, and César Alonso will all vie for the title of the last man standing.

**3 vs 1:**
Yes, you read that right. Manuel Morales, Karim El Hamzaouy, and Tomás Cantó will band together against the lone wolf, Eduardo Riego. Prepare for an epic showdown!

**Bloody Contact Tournament:**
The ferocity continues with Sergio “The Monkey King” Hidalgo, Emilio “El Ninja” Montesclaros, Otman “El Lobo” Ben Zahra, and Dorian “El Malandro” Segovia all entering the ring. Only one can earn the crown in this fierce four-way fray.

An event of this magnitude is not just a showcase of raw physical prowess and tactical genius; it’s a celebration of the spirit of martial arts. The Dogfight Wild Tournament 2nd brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, putting their skills, heart, and dedication on the line. With Jordi Wild at the helm, expect an unforgettable night of adrenaline, skill, and pure entertainment. If you’re a fan of MMA, or just love the excitement of live sports, this is one event you cannot afford to miss. Be there, feel the tension, and witness history in the making!

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