Explore the Map and Levels in Each Biome in Palworld


Do not want to make a mistake in Palworld? Then pay attention to this map with the level ranges of the wild Pals, to stay safe if you are just starting your adventure.

We are still in the second month of 2024, but it is a fact that Palworld is already one of the most important games of the year. Or, if you prefer the term, one of the viral games that will be remembered when we say goodbye to these 12 months.

Available in early access for Xbox and PC (Steam/Windows), Palworld has become a great revelation, reaching a meritorious record: it is already the second game with the most simultaneous users in the history of Steam.

We remind you that you can also play it on Xbox Game Pass. That said, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company are not very happy with its success, and will take the necessary measures.

Are you starting your adventure in the Pocket Pair game? In that case, the following map will be of great help to you, to avoid biting the dust due to a mistake.

Level ranges map: avoid the red zones

Unlike in Pokémon, there is no initial limitation to avoid going to a specific area of the map. Once you have completed the Palworld tutorial, the game allows you to explore the open world as you wish.

And, unlike what happens in some RPGs like The Elder Scrolls or Fallout, there are no levels matched with the player’s levels.

This means that the wild Pals and final bosses are not at the same level as you “by decree”. Watch out for this, because you can end up biting the dust if you enter a “red” zone.

Don’t worry, because we have a map with the level ranges of Palworld. As you know, these range from level 1 to 50, so keep that in mind when training your Pals.

Take a look at the following map:

Map of Palworld with levels

The green color indicators show the lowest levels, from 1 to 15, and are all in the Forest biome (the area where we start the adventure).

Later, once we have overcome the first boss or ruler, we will find ourselves in the yellow indicator areas. This includes levels between 10 and 30, the most complicated area being the one next to the ruler’s tower of the second boss.

When your team is around level 30 or 35, you will be ready to go to the orange indicator zones, which are in the Volcano biome and some parts of the Forest biome (north of the map).

Finally, you will face the most challenging areas, with red indicators, which are in the Desert and Snow biomes, as well as on the island located west of the map. The wild Pals will be at levels between 35 and 50.

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Palworld has been available since January 19th in early access or Game Preview. You can play it on PC (Steam and Windows) and Xbox consoles (Series X, Series S, and One), as well as on mobile devices through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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