Explore Mystical Toledo in “Hermetica” – A Spanish Roguelike Deckbuilder


Escape into a world where strategy melds with the arcane, as Hermetica invites you to delve into a mesmerizing game of cards and alchemy. Envisioned by the innovative minds at Red Mountain and brought to life under the banner of Abylight Studios, Hermetica emerges as a turn-based roguelike that pays homage to the classic deckbuilder genre. Let’s embark on a magical journey into its digital unveiling and discover the alluring qualities that make it one of Spain’s standout games this season.

### Hermetica: A Fusion of Medieval Alchemy and Card Play

Hermetica’s enchanting universe unfolds within the historic city of Toledo, a choice that lends an air of authenticity and charm right from the start. The core gameplay involves playing cards that dictate your characters’ movements across a chessboard-like grid, adding a layer of strategic enhancement with each turn. It’s a dance of calculated decisions and reactive maneuvers, all influenced by what your opponents opt to do.

The game’s creators have crafted a system that mirrors the classic “rock, paper, scissors” dynamic, but with a unique twist inspired by the elements of 15th and 16th-century alchemy: mercury, sulfur, and salt. Each element, tied to a vast array of cards, carries distinctive effects that can turn the tide of battle on the playing field.

### Harnessing the Day-Night Cycle: A Strategic Embrace

Hermetica takes a page from the natural cycle of day and night, integrating it into the heart of combat strategy. As daylight fades, players gather dew, a prized alchemical ingredient that’s essential for the game’s mechanics. Yet as night engulfs the realm, it beckons creatures of darkness, like vampires and werewolves, whose presence adds another level of depth to the gameplay. This dance with the day-night cycle is more than just a visual spectacle—it’s a crucial ingredient in the alchemical brew that is Hermetica.

### Toledo in the Medieval Age: Roguelike Adventuring

Each playthrough in Hermetica is a fresh challenge thanks to the roguelike elements that shape the medieval landscapes of Toledo you’ll journey through. The game’s engine crafts each segment of your path, shown on an evocative medieval map, with points that mark significant moments or encounters along the way.

Before setting out on your quest, you’ll have the opportunity to refine your deck within the confines of your laboratory, using tools gathered on your adventures. Vanquishing enemies in combat can offer you new cards to add to your arsenal, though you’ll always have the choice to accept or refuse these offerings. Additionally, you’ll cross paths with NPCs who will delve further into the game’s mechanics, shedding light on the rich tactical possibilities that await.

### Anticipating the Arrival of Hermetica

As of now, an exact release date for this promising title remains shrouded in the mists of the future. However, what is certain is that Hermetica is destined to grace both PCs and consoles at some point in the year 2024. This game isn’t just a testament to the creative prowess of its developers but also a beacon of innovation within the Spanish gaming landscape. Whether you’re a strategist at heart or enchanted by the mystique of alchemy, Hermetica beckons, promising a gaming experience that will linger long after you’ve put down the cards.

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