Experience New Playable Songs in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered


The remaster of The Last of Us Part 2, released on January 19, 2024 for PS5, sparked a debate about the different versions once again. Despite this, it ultimately satisfied the fans and did not generate much interest among other players.

The roguelike mode called No Return was the main focus of this remaster, as the graphical improvements were not groundbreaking, and the additional scenes and comments were merely anecdotal. However, it did introduce the Improvise with the Guitar or Guitar Free mode, which allows players to freely use the mechanics of playing guitar with the DualSense controller. This mode became popular during a scene where Ellie plays and sings Take on Me by A-ha to Dina, and later in the theater. Many players took the opportunity to cover their favorite songs using this new mode, which also allows them to choose a character and type of guitar to play without restrictions.

The remaster also showcased the musical talents of the survivors in The Last of Us, where many talented players shared their covers of famous songs using the game’s guitars. These covers were made possible by the new mode, which removed the previous limitations.

Some notable covers included Joel playing Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics, Gustavo Santaolalla playing Wicked Game by Chris Isaak with an electric guitar, and Joel Miller playing Nothing Else Matters by Metallica on a red electric guitar. Additionally, Ellie played the main theme of the soundtrack of Interstellar on a classical guitar, and Joel played Future Days by Pearl Jam, a very special song in the game.

Other videos showed Joel playing Hotel California by Eagles on the guitar. These covers were shared not only on YouTube but also on TikTok, demonstrating the diverse talents of the players.

Overall, the remaster of The Last of Us Part 2 gave players the ability to showcase their musical talents and share their cover songs on various social media platforms. The talent and creativity of the players continue to surprise and impress, creating a new dimension of engagement with the game.

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