Experience a GTA San Andreas-inspired hair salon in real life


The Grand Theft Auto saga has sold more than 400 million copies worldwide since the birth of the franchise in 1997. Everything that has been released since then has been a success for Rockstar, but there is one that is the favorite of many fans, that is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The community behind it is incredible, and we have seen a lot of crazy things around this title, and recently it has opened an establishment in Spain totally set in this game.

As collected from the X/Twitter account La Sexta Estrella, in Valencia, a hair salon completely set in GTA San Andreas. This place is called “Barber Shop San Andreas”, in the video above you can see what it is like inside. There are winks everywhere open world at the entrance we see the usual images from the video game cover, including a motorcycle and the mythical bicycle that CJ finds once we control it.

Everything does not end there, since the establishment inside has more references to GTA San Andreas, from a huge mural to a small corner where sit down to play to GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition while you wait for the hairdresser to call you. It also has a well-lit room where you can play pool and table football. Without a doubt, an ideal place to get a haircut if you are a fan of the saga and this popular video game.

GTA: San Andreas in VR is a reality thanks to a mod. At the beginning of the year we informed you that it was now possible to walk through the streets of GTA: San Andreas thanks to a VR mod. Many will be interested in this mod, as it multiplies the investment even though this modification is not completely polished. On the Gamertag VR YouTube channel you can see what the experience you might even be encouraged to try it yourself.

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