Exciting State of Play: Death Stranding 2 and Silent Hill 2 rumors!


The Japanese company is expected to broadcast on January 31.

We are in the final stretch of the first month of 2024 and the year has already started with a powerful Xbox Developer Direct. Therefore, it is the turn of Sony and Nintendo to respond with their main weapons and everything indicates that this week we will receive news.

At least on the part of PlayStation, as one of the always desired ones is coming State of Play. That is the information that the insider Shpeshal_Nick leaked on Twitter in a somewhat cryptic way, but which the community has quickly managed to resolve.

The message itself doesn’t make much sense, so you really have to look at the keywords in the text itself. If we pay attention, we can extract the following list of games for the Japanese brand’s event. As if that were not enough, Nick himself indicates that the approximate date for the broadcast will be next January 31, that is, on Wednesday of this same week. Additionally, insider Kurakasis has pointed that the name of the new apocalyptic title will be Metro Awakening and it can be played in VR format, information that coincides with what Insider Gaming has provided over the months. We will see what steps Sony takes in the next few hours, but it would not be surprising if the announcement is about to drop. In VidaExtra | The most anticipated games for PlayStation of 2024.

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