Exciting new game Nightingale advances PC release date


Nightingale, a cooperative survival and crafting game with magical portals, advances its release date to February 20 on PC, Steam, and Epic Store.

One of the most promising games of the year, a new IP in the genre that seems to be in fashion (online survival and crafting in an open world… like Palworld) has advanced its release date: Nightingale.

Developed by Inflexion Games, Nightingale is one of the indie games that leverages the power of Unreal Engine 5 and features like Lumen to present stunning graphics.

This game will initially only be released on PC, and in the two stores, Steam and Epic Games Store, in the form of Early Access, priced at 29.99 euros. Although it was expected on February 22, they confirm that it will be released earlier on February 20.

Nightingale: explore interdimensional portals with your friends

Nightingale sets itself apart from other survival games, often set on deserted islands or tropical environments like ARK or Palworld, by being set in a medieval fantasy world.

This world is connected by a network of arcane portals, but they are collapsing. Your goal is to become a Realmwalker and traverse all dimensions, filled with magic, until you reach Nightingale, the last bastion of humanity.

At the controls, this translates to a first-person action and shooting game, which you can play alone or cooperatively in a shared world (it’s only PvE, no PvP for now), where you can explore, craft materials, and end up building entire villages.

Nightingale is of a genre of games very popular among PC gamers for the possibility of playing them with friends and gradually building your fortress.

Moreover, it could be one of the genre’s games with the best graphics thanks to Unreal Engine 5… but also demanding: on Steam, you can check its minimum and recommended requirements before the February 20 release.

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