Exciting Moment in God of War Ragnarok: The Secret in a Fetus


The developer of the Sony game for PS5 turned his daughter’s fetal heartbeat into an ambient sound

It’s curious how many times we insist on praising certain aspects of a video game and, inadvertently, we leave aside authentic technical and creative adventures that should deserve equally enthusiastic and loud applause. That, precisely, about noise, is what this curious detail is about.

We have talked about God of War Ragnarok about its graphics, its story, its gameplay, and we have analyzed each of those sections down to the smallest detail. Today it’s time to focus on another who deserves something more than a “yes, that’s pretty cool too”. They are sound.

The Spark of the World, one of the most special moments of God of War

It’s amazing because, of all the things I could remember when I think about 2018’s God of War and its sequel, the first thing that comes to mind is the sound of the Leviathan ax returning to your hands. A feeling so satisfying that it can become, at least for me, the absolute protagonist of a game.

And despite not being a big fan of soundtracks – at the moment I can tell you if I like it or not, but I have a hard time remembering specific ditties or songs after a few days – I must admit that it amazes me, and It’s something that stays in my head for a long time, what some movies and video games are capable of doing with the sound effects. Not the effect itself, but how they have sometimes arrived at it.

I recently came across one that was so thoughtful and exciting that I couldn’t avoid the opportunity to share it with you so we could talk a little more about it. First of all, to put you in the situation, I leave you the clip above so that you can remember what it sounded like when you arrived at the Spark of the World in God of War Ragnarok.

It is curious how this moment has the ability to offer, at the same time, a sound that is both disturbing and comforting. You know something isn’t right, there’s something that doesn’t add up, but it inevitably catches your attention, becoming a sort of uncanny valley of sound effect.

The fetal heartbeat of a developer’s daughter

With many fans of the game out there who had a similar feeling with this sound and this moment, its own creator recently came out in the comments to talk more about it, and it turns out that it is an even more special sound than we could ever get to imagine. What you hear in the background, like a faint drum, is her daughter’s heart beating in her mother’s womb.

If there is a memory that I am afraid of losing due to some degenerative disease when I get old, the one that I keep with the most affection and appreciation in my head, it is the emotion I felt when I heard for the first time the heartbeat of my children through a Doppler ultrasound.

Unlike ours right now, and in case you haven’t had the chance to hear that sound before, it’s like a crazy locomotive sounding as loud and as fast as possible in a constant and overwhelming repetition that you don’t expect at all.

The magic behind this artist’s arrangements, Alex Previty, is in the noticeably reduce heartbeat to turn it into a kind of much slower percussion. And with an additional twist in the form of children’s Gregorian chant, brutally manipulated into a completely opposite tone, he gives us up on it. one of the most spectacular environments that the PS5 game has given of itself.

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