Excited to Return as Rey in Star Wars – Daisy Ridley Shares Emotion



Daisy Ridley embodied Rey in the latest Star Wars movies, and she will soon reprise her role full of energy: “What is this new adventure and how are things going to go?”

Daisy Ridley, the star of the latest cinematic trilogy of Star Wars, announced in 2023 that she would be reprising the role of Rey for a sequel set ten years after Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, in New Jedi Order.

“When we made the announcement last year […] we were really excited,” the actress who plays Rey assured in an interview with Collider. “Of course, I always feel fortunate to be part of this, but I guess it was like a reminder of […] what people feel about Rey.”

“I was like: ‘It’s wonderful.’ It’s wonderful to be a part of something people love and to play a character that people… It’s just weird. It really excites me to think about it. I have more adventures. I’m like, ‘Where is she now? What is this new adventure and how are things going to go?’ This is the long way round of saying it’s great. It’s really great.”

Daisy Ridley has confessed that she feels like every new job is “the most important” thing she has done so far, and that she likes to “approach everything with that openness and willingness to try […] something new.”

Daisy Ridley will return as Rey in Star Wars: New Jedi Order

“It’s strange because I am going to play a character I have played before, but it’s going to be trying something new. So much has changed for me in the last few years since that time.”

Daisy Ridley admitted that she had always felt “a part of something,” although she was never quite clear what her place in Star Wars was: “I just felt a part of something.” Rey has marked her in her career, she loves “the character,” “the characters that surround her,” and “the people within her”: “It’s wonderful. I think if I thought about it too much, my head would explode.”

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