Ex-Real Madrid Employee Xokas Discloses His Salary Details


### Meet Joaquín Domínguez – The Streaming Sensation Known as Xokas

In the bustling world of online streaming, there’s a charismatic figure rapidly rising to fame in Spain. Enter Joaquín Domínguez, more affectionately known by his fans as Xokas. With a significant presence on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, Xokas has become a household name. But there’s more to this Galician influencer than just his online persona; he’s now diving headfirst into an exciting venture: his food company, Knoweats. Similar to the ever-popular Wetaca, Knoweats promises to tantalize the taste buds of its clientele.

### A Surprising Past: Real Madrid’s Video Editor

Before the glitz and glamor of stardom, before his name graced the chat windows and screens of legions of followers, Xokas held a position that fans of football might envy. Believe it or not, our beloved online personality once was immersed in the world of ‘Los Blancos’ – yes, Real Madrid’s very own video editor was none other than Xokas!

In a candid moment during one of his recent live streams, chatting intimately with his subscribers, Xokas peeled back the curtain on this chapter of his past. With a tone of nostalgia, he detailed that as a video editor for the famed Merengue club, he earned a salary of €1,600. His days stretched across eight or nine hours, though Fridays offered a respite, with work concluding before the stroke of 2 p.m.

Looking back at those days, Xokas revealed he felt the compensation was fair, hinting at contentment and perhaps a sense of pride for his contributions to the prestigious club.

![Xokas in his new home](https://img.asmedia.epimg.net/resizer/rL2sw6dnng5yUuYjp-N8tWm5D0I=/360×0/cloudfront-eu-central-1.images.arcpublishing.com/diarioas/GR2LS7ANRNA4TOG6HQCKWD7RWU.jpg)
*Xokas in his new home (Image Enlarged)*

### A Dream Beyond Streaming: Presidency at Deportivo de la Coruña?

Moving from editing videos for a world-class football club to the world of content streaming is one thing. But could there be another twist in the tale of Xokas? While it was not a direct leap from Real Madrid to another football legacy, Xokas did muse about a fascinating possibility that he has brushed upon before – becoming the president of Deportivo de la Coruña!

No, he isn’t planning to join the Galician team as a video editor, nor is he aiming to land the position through a traditional election. Instead, Xokas has toyed with the dream of outright buying the club. However, even for someone of his growing influence and means, this remains a distant dream, for now, citing the venture as “very expensive.”

In sharing these morsels of his life pre- and potentially post-streaming stardom, Xokas creates a narrative that is relatable and inspiring. His journey is not just a testament to his diverse talents but also to the unexpected paths life can take you when you embrace your passions.

From the editing room of one of the world’s premier football clubs to the heart of the streaming community, Xokas’s story is one of continuous evolution and ambition. What’s next for this multifaceted creator? Only time will tell, but for now, his fans can enjoy the ride – from streaming to gourmet eats, and maybe one day, to the presidency of a historic football club.

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