Emily Blunt apologizes to Cillian Murphy for repeatedly slapping him on the set of Oppenheimer


The scene in question did not even manage to appear in the final cut of Nolan’s film.

It has been several months since the release of Oppenheimer in theaters, and even more since the filming of Christopher Nolan’s film ended, but it is now that actress Emily Blunt, who plays the wife of Cillian Murphy’s character in the film, has felt the need to apologize to her co-star for a tense moment on the set.

As Blunt herself has confessed in an interview with The Sun, the worst moment of the Oppenheimer filming for the actress was when they had to shoot a scene in which her character slapped Cillian Murphy’s. Despite the British actress’s reluctance to hit him, both Nolan and Murphy encouraged her not to be afraid to give him a good slap.

“I’m really sorry for what I did to your cheekbone, Cillian. Poor Cillian. Chris [Nolan] kept telling me, ‘Hit him,’ and I didn’t really know how to do it and then Cillian was telling me, ‘Go on, do it,’ and on the other hand, Chris: ‘Come on, hit him … he won’t be hurt.’ So I started slapping him and grabbing him by the neck,” Blunt recalls.

“We shot like ten takes of that moment, and as time went by I realized that one of his cheekbones was becoming more and more prominent. The worst part is that that scene isn’t even in the movie,” lamented the actress who has received her first Oscar nomination for her role in Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer’s year at the Oscars

Although there is still more than a month to go before the Oscars ceremony, this year taking place on March 11, it seems more than evident that Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan is going to be one of the big winners of the night, especially because of the run it has had in this awards season.

Because Christopher Nolan’s film has not only received 13 nominations for the Academy Awards but at ceremonies such as the Golden Globes it managed to win five awards, including Best Director and Best Motion Picture Drama for Oppenheimer.

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