Emerald Sea Braid: An Ideal Starting Point for Sanderson Fans


Are you looking for a fresh twist on classic fantasy, mixed with a good dose of humor and charm? Look no further than Brandon Sanderson’s novel, “Braid of the Emerald Sea.” Rumors have been swirling around the internet that Sanderson’s new book might bear some resemblance to William Goldman’s beloved tale, ‘The Princess Bride,’ especially when it comes to its characteristic humor. While there may be a hint of inspiration, rest assured, “Braid of the Emerald Sea” is a pure Sanderson creation through and through.

This novel marks a slight departure from Sanderson’s usual fare, presenting a distinctive tone that might take fans by surprise at first. With its unique pacing, signature style, and a cast that initially might strike readers as a bit odd, the book quickly reveals a thoroughly engaging plot, replete with an intriguing magic system and delightfully lovable characters. It’s a testament to Sanderson’s ability to excel across the spectrum of fantasy storytelling.

Braid, our protagonist, is nothing short of a revelation—a young woman who flips the script on traditional fairy tales. Instead of a knight in shining armor charging in to rescue the damsel in distress, here Braid is the commoner setting off on a quest to save a prince ensnared in peril. “Braid of the Emerald Sea” straddles the line between stories aimed at younger audiences and those for an adult readership, capturing the essence of timeless adventures with a fresh, modern sensibility.

Sanderson, hailing from Nebraska, slips humor into his storytelling with a nod to Goldman’s work. Although humor may not be the centerpiece of Sanderson’s fantasy mastery, it undoubtedly brings moments of levity and smiles amidst the epic journey.

So, is “Braid of the Emerald Sea” a must-read? The answer is a resounding yes. What makes this novel particularly special is that it serves as an excellent starting point for newcomers to Brandon Sanderson and his Cosmere universe. Being a standalone story, it’s a fantastic choice for those who have yet to venture into his elaborate worlds.

As a light-hearted and engaging read, “Braid of the Emerald Sea” is not only entertaining and filled with interesting characters, but it is also accessible to a wide variety of readers. It’s a story that doesn’t rely on overly complex plot devices or elaborate world-building, making it universally appealing.

In addition to the tale itself, both the publisher Nova and illustrator Howard Lyon deserve their own spotlight for their phenomenal contributions. Nova presents a wonderful edition that enchants readers not just with “Braid of the Emerald Sea” but across Sanderson’s other works as well. Howard Lyon’s illustrations beautifully compliment the text, elevating the experience to something truly exceptional.

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