Embark on the Free Forever Labyrinth Narrative Adventure


As the weekend approaches, you might be looking for ways to spend your free time. A great option to consider is The Forever Labyrinth, a game created by inkle in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, and the best part is that it is completely free.

This purely narrative adventure can be played in your PC browser and it immerses you in a story where Professor Sheldrake is lost in a maze that transcends time. The game requires players to navigate a constantly changing labyrinth with various types of rooms adorned with artwork that serves as a connection between different places. The game also features a mysterious figure leaving messages, adding to the overall mystery and intrigue.

The creators claim that each game can last around 20 minutes, but the game offers great replayability due to its roguelike nature, where the rooms and paintings are never exactly the same, providing players with clues. Overall, The Forever Labyrinth aims to tell an interesting story while connecting players with culture through art.

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