Elden Ring: 600 Pages of Incredible Drawings


Elden Ring is a challenging and special journey, much like any Miyazaki and From Software game. Many players have fallen to Malenia’s attacks, but have also been captivated by the setting of the Middle Lands. One content creator, Artyz Artifacts, has taken their affection for the game to the next level with a unique project: a 600-page sketchpad filled with full-color sketches of Elden Ring. This sketchpad serves as a travel diary, featuring designs of enemies, NPCs, bosses, locations, and other elements that make the adventure unforgettable.

Artyz Artifacts was inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2, where the protagonist keeps a diary of their adventure. The content creator shares anecdotes from the Middle Lands and additional details about the characters in the sketches. This is just the beginning, as more information about the journey will be shared in upcoming videos.

In the meantime, Elden Ring may be leaving clues about its Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Changes to internal Elden Ring files suggest the launch of this DLC in the near future. Despite no official confirmation from From Software, it’s possible that an announcement could be made as the game approaches two years since its release.

This is an exciting time for Elden Ring fans, and Artyz Artifacts’ project is a testament to the game’s impact on its community. As we await more information about the DLC, the sketches in the 600-page diary serve as a reminder of the rich and unforgettable world of Elden Ring.

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