Easy Job to Maximize Gold in One Year


Jackthedogo has achieved something amazing by reaching the maximum amount of money that can be achieved with a single character in World of Warcraft, that is, 9,999,999 gold coins. An amount that for many may seem like an odyssey to see in their pockets, but for this player it has been a process that has only lasted a year and he took it somewhat calmly.

According to himself, he loves participating in mythical dungeons when he plays on the weekends, although he wanted to find something he could do in his free time or while he found a group to delve into these places. That’s when it occurred to him to get a good pinch of money in those moments with nothing to do, which would be very useful to pay the costs of repairs or materials.

So it occurred to him to raise the Desuello profession to the maximum, which was very good for him to improve his other fur work. Thus, he increased it enough to be able to create certain types of highly sought after belts and later did the same with some highly sought after bracelets. Even so, he was not dedicated to creating them to put them up for sale at the auction house, but simply doing the manufacturing work.

As he has also expressed, he plays on a very large and populated server, something he does not recommend because there are too many players with these professions. Even so, he began to publish messages through the general chat so that users could come to him with requests and he charged them from 7,000 to 12,000 gold coins, depending on the product. An amount that was not excessively high, which is why many players wanted to give more money than indicated for the inconvenience.

Little by little he became more popular, so many players asked him for hundreds of items. That is why, among one thing and another, throughout the week he obtained several hundred thousand gold coins, managing to pocket an average of a million a month. Furthermore, it’s not like he spends all day playing, since he only spent two to five hours creating objects on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

A task that has not been very exhausting either and has served him more than enough to swim in money like Uncle Gilito from DuckTales would do, in addition to making it clear how useful professions can be if they are used conscientiously.

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