Earn Fast and Easy Money in Persona 3 Reload: Top Methods


We give you all the procedures you have in Persona 3 Reload to get a lot of money, either through jobs or by carrying out these actions.

It is never too late to revisit the classics, and if it can be with a remake even better, this is the case with Persona 3 Reload.

Times have changed a lot since the release of the original title, and the truth is that there were more than enough reasons to release a Persona 3 Reload, a revision that you have played the original or not, it is well worth it.

Being a teenager like the protagonists of Persona 3 Reload and even going to college, it is very difficult to earn money, but luckily we can show you a series of procedures.

In Persona 3 Reload, money is very important to get better weapons, armor, and buy recovery items, and we are going to offer you a list of all the options we have to make ourselves almost rich.

How to get easy and fast money in Persona 3 Reload: best methods

Working part-time

Just like in real life, the only way to pay for your studies is to find a part-time job, and in the game we can work at both the cinema and the mall café.

In the cinema, you can work when the character has a day off, that is, Sundays, holidays and summer vacations. Although the salary starts at 5,000 yen per shift, it will increase as you work there for a while.

The job also slightly increases the academic level and courage, but unfortunately you won’t have time to increase your social links with other characters.

The other part-time job is at the café, specifically every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night.

The salary is somewhat lower, 2500 yen, but it will improve as you spend some time working there.

By working at the café, you will improve certain aspects such as charm and courage.

Thanks to Tartarus

It’s easier for you to get money through Tartarus, that is, by playing and defeating enemies.

For example, enemies in Tartarus, while they don’t drop yen, do leave behind quite valuable items that you can later sell for cash.

On the other hand, fragile items in Tartarus contain a wide variety of items, including certain valuable items and recovery items, which you can also sell for money.

Also, by choosing a coin suit card after a battle, you are offered immediate money.

Then, rare shadows can drop special coins that are worth much more than normal valuable items.

Furthermore, you can unlock the different fortunes of the fortune teller that make more special shadows appear throughout Tartarus and drop valuable items and coins.

Another way to earn money is by saving, and to save you must always have the best social links with your Personas.

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