EA Statement on Messi’s Recent Error in FC 24


EA publicly admits to the FC 24 error that gave thousands of players an €800 Messi, which caused a bug. But this has not convinced many, because those who got the TOTY will be able to keep it.

EA apologizes to FC 24 fans on PC, Steam Deck, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, as some obtained a very expensive and rare Messi TOTY for less than 30 minutes.

According to a blog post on its official website, it appears that for 24 minutes on January 30th, there was a bug in the new SBC with a spectacularly high chance of obtaining that 86+ OVR untradeable card.

Electronic Arts was notified of the problem and withdrew the challenge in less than half an hour, but it was too late; thousands of players already had the player. This led many others with not so much luck to ask for the rewards to be equalized and the card to be given to everyone.

We understand that this has caused a lot of frustration within the Ultimate Team Community, we apologize and appreciate your patience,” the game team said.

We have explored several scenarios to proceed in a way that is fair and that preserves the long-term health of the game,” but this solution by Electronic Arts has not been well received.

Because those who completed the SBC while it was active “will keep the rewards” and “the SBC will not return as originally designed.”

Whether it was on PS4 or PS5, many obtained the error.

According to the developer, only “0.7%” of the Ultimate Team players obtained the Messi TOTY at the time the incorrect challenge was running; this was highlighted by VGC.

We know this is not a perfect solution and we will continue to examine our processes with the goal of minimizing these problems in the future,” said Electronic Arts.

But on Elon Musk’s social network there are many upset, angry, and indignant users, the tweet with this response currently has a Community Note and many (ironic) laughs in the comments.

The only people who are going to defend this are those who got Messi and were afraid of having the card taken away,” a user commented on the game’s official subreddit.

Others doubted this “0.7%” EA percentage, with one adding: “I mean, the chances of getting Messi only in that SBC were around 20-25 percent.”

While there were those who said: “Maybe it’s a real figure, but that number doesn’t represent its active players or is not representative of the people who had access to their consoles at the time of the content’s release

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Most people who connect to the content are Europeans, so most players who did the SBC are also European,” one commenter concluded.

If you are a dedicated gamer in the European time zone, you are going to see a lot of Messi,” another player lamented as reported by Eurogamer.

EA apologizes for the €800 Messi FC 24 error, but it is clear that those who won the player “will keep the reward” and the rest will be affected by it.

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