EA Sports FC Team of the Year: 11 TOTY Players in Men’s & Women’s Football


The highly anticipated Team of the Year (TOTY) event for EA Sports FC 24 has arrived in the video game. Electronic Arts has officially confirmed the footballers who are part of TOTY. These cards, which are some of the most powerful available in the Ultimate Team mode, will start appearing in packs on January 19 in all versions of the video game. As usual, acquiring them will be quite challenging.

This year, there are some differences in the TOTY of EA Sports FC 24 compared to other editions of the game. The most notable difference is that in addition to the usual men’s team, there will be an eleven based on women’s football. The Team of the Year aims to reward players for their exceptional performance in the real world with an improved card for the video game.

The TOTY players in both the men’s and women’s teams have been voted by the community. Some of the most compelling elections in the women’s football section were Alexia Putellas (84% of the votes), Aitana BonmatĂ­ (77%), and Hansen (66%). In the men’s discipline, the winners were Jude Bellingham (74%), Mbappe (66%) and Van Dijk (66%).

The TOTY will be available in EA Sports FC packs 24 per wave. Starting on January 19, players from attacking positions will be available, from the 21st, midfielders, and from the 23rd, defenders and goalkeepers will appear.

Overall, it’s an exciting time for the community of EA Sports FC 24 as the TOTY event brings some of the best and most powerful cards to the Ultimate Team mode. With the voting by the community adding an element of engagement and interaction, the TOTY event promises to be a thrilling experience for all players.

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