EA Learns from Mistakes: No 2024 Launch for Battlefield 2042


Today we all remember how Battlefield 2042 came to market, a title that came out with many problems and whose quality was below expectations. However, it seems that Electronic Arts has learned its lesson with the next shooter and it feels like it will arrive when it’s ready. However, we know almost nothing about it, much less anything about its release date.

The popular insider and journalist Tom Henderson, who has already spoken on numerous occasions about this franchise, has given a tentative release date for the next game in the Battlefield saga. This indicates in your X/Twitter account: “As far as I know they are tentatively aiming for October-November 2025”. He then explains that the developers are preparing the video game knowing all the mistakes they made.

“There is a strong internal focus on learning from mistakes. However, so personally, I wouldn’t rule out a 2026 launch…2025 also looks like a year loaded with great AAA games, especially at the end of the year,” he says. What Electronic Arts said in its fiscal Q3 2024 results call (via Insider Gaming) is that for the next fiscal year (from April 2025 to March 2026) and in the future they intend “new iconic launches” of their great franchises, such as Battlefield, Star Wars, and Mass Effect.

EA’s CEO confirmed to shareholders that DICE remains focused on Battlefield 2042, specifically on the Season 7 which will be released in March 2024. However, looking ahead, he said the following: “We are investing in the future of the Battlefield franchise. Our exceptional teams from multiple world-class studios, working with technology Frostbite more advanced, they are building an expansive Battlefield universe and community-focused for the fans,” said Andrew Wilson.

We recently informed you that the next Battlefield aspires to have “the most realistic destruction effects in the industry”, according to a leaked job offer. It’s also been said in the past that the new Battlefield has a team focused on the narrative.

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