E-sports improves driving skills, says Alonso’s ex-teammate


During the off-season in the world of F1, many pilots have to find ways to train, stay in shape, and maintain their level of concentration and reflexes without actually being on a circuit. One of the main supports for this is simulators or simracing, which provide virtual races that test drivers with situations that resemble reality.

Some of the top F1 drivers who have turned to simracing for training include Lando Norris, Fernando Alonso, and Max Verstappen. Now, another driver has joined them – Esteban Ocon, especially from Asturias.

Ocon mentioned that he has been able to prepare well during the break. He has been training at his center every day and participating in online races every night for two hours. This has helped him improve both physically and mentally, as well as on the racing side. The Alpine driver has learned things that he didn’t expect to learn while being at home.

One of the drivers who has helped Ocon during these training sessions is Kylian Drumont, the Olympic and world champion in Gran Turismo. Ocon expressed his gratitude towards Drumont and his training team for their support during the winter.

The upcoming F1 season is just around the corner, with teams presenting their cars for the 2024 season that will start on the first weekend of March.

Overall, the use of simulators and simracing has become a crucial aspect of F1 drivers’ off-season training, allowing them to continue honing their skills and staying sharp for the fast-approaching new season. Source: Alpine Twitter

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