Dragon Ball Meets One-Punch Style: Redesign Wows Fans


Celebrate with us because the iconic “Dragon Ball” series is about to hit an amazing milestone—its 40th birthday! This beloved creation of Akira Toriyama is going to mark the occasion with some exciting, never-before-seen projects. We’re expecting to see the release of the anime “Dragon Ball Daima” and a brand-new video game called “Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO”. But wait, there’s more! For quite some time now, a very special initiative has been in the works, aiming to give us a fresh take on all the original manga covers featuring Goku and his friends. This project brings together today’s most renowned mangakas to offer their unique perspectives, and this time, it’s none other than Yusuke Murata, the creator of “One-Punch Man”, bringing his touch to the “Dragon Ball Super Gallery”.

Yusuke Murata has decided to take on the challenge of reimagining the classic cover of “Dragon Ball” manga Volume 12. His version presents Goku front and center, looking both different and yet strikingly familiar to fans of the series. Despite the noticeable distinctions between the artistic styles of Akira Toriyama and Yusuke Murata, the latter has successfully captured the spirit of the original artwork. Murata adds his own distinctive flair, particularly noticeable in the characterization of faces.

The resulting masterpiece is a vibrant and dynamic piece of art. It portrays Goku in motion, leaping towards the viewer with a background featuring vehicles whose design retains the quintessential touch of Akira Toriyama—evident in every car, motorcycle, plane, and tank that has ever graced the “Dragon Ball” universe.

What’s truly impressive is that though the composition differs from Akira Toriyama’s original cover, any fan could instantly recognize this great reinterpretation as a celebration of “Dragon Ball”, infused with the essence of “One-Punch Man”. Murata’s contribution is more than just a homage; it bridges the gap between two generations of manga artists, connecting the old with the new, and satisfying fans who’ve followed Goku’s journey from the beginning, as well as those who’ve just discovered the world of “Dragon Ball”.

As “Dragon Ball” continues to evolve and branch out into new ventures, initiatives like the “Dragon Ball Super Gallery” honor the legacy of the series and present it through the fresh eyes of current mangakas. It’s a celebration of culture, artistry, and the enduring impact of Goku’s adventures. So, here’s to 40 incredible years of “Dragon Ball” and the limitless creativity it inspires in artists and fans alike!

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