Dogfight Wild Tournament 2 Weigh-In Locations and Times


After the success of the first edition, the Dogfight Wild Tournament 2 is just around the corner. The wrestling event created by Jordi Wild promises to be even bigger and better this time. With no entries for a few weeks, this edition is set to surpass the first, with a great atmosphere and fights that promise considerable toughness.

If you haven’t seen the fight poster, here are the fights for the upcoming event:

Sudden Death:
Aitor “Gaps” Gaspar vs. Zdravko “Bad News” Tarnadzhiev

2 vs. 2:
Chiky “The Skillful” Arroyo and Bogdan Vasilache vs. Alberto Rondán and Nicolás Martínez

Only Knuckle femenino:
Victoria “La Furia” Albons vs. Yamilia “Sukhi” Sanchez

No rules:
Franco “El rey de la calle” Tenaglia vs. Sufiane Bahri

Last Survivor:
Nacho “The Dragon” from La Encima vs. Juan “The Wuan” Marín vs. Mohamed “The Hitman” Benchriff vs. Rodrigo “The Elegant” Peñarubia vs. Tomás “Turtle” Luján vs. Cesar Alonso

3 vs. 1:
Manuel Morales, Karim el Hamzaouy and Tomás Cantó vs Eduardo Riego

Bloody Contact Tournament:
Sergio “The monkey king” Hidalgo vs. Emilio “The Ninja” Monesclaros vs. Otman “The Wolf” Ben Zahra vs. Dorian “El malandro” Segovia

When is the Dogfight Wild Tournament 2 weigh-in?
The weigh-in will take place on Thursday, February 8 at 8:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time, 24 hours before the event at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena, in Tarragona. The weigh-in is an essential part of the event and often adds to the tension and excitement. Last year, there was a lot of tension between fighters during the official photo, and this year’s weigh-in promises to be just as intense. You can follow all the action on Giorgio’s Corner YouTube channel.

You can also stay up to date with the latest news on the tournament through 3DGames.

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