DjMaRiiO’s Anger Over 1K Shirt in EA Sports FC 24


When we discuss the presidents of Kings League who base their content on or have a greater impact on FIFA (now FC 24), two names that come to mind are Spursito and especially DjMaRiiO. The latter has been one of the key figures in the Hispanic community of this football simulator for many years, reaching the peak of his career in the 2024 edition, where he provides commentary alongside Miguel Ángel Román.

Every Friday, a few minutes before 7:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time, the president of Ultimate Móstoles goes live to watch and comment on the new content of the game, such as new cards, themed missions, or SBCs. With the latest update, fans quickly noticed something that upset DjMaRiiO completely. EA launched a campaign with Iker Casillas and put a t-shirt or the 1K shield itself on sale for 57,500 coins or 575 EA Points (about five euros).

His reaction was noticeable. First, with palpable indignation, he stated “They have to explain it to me. I’m angry right now.” Subsequently, silence filled the streamer’s setup, and he ended up hitting the armrests of the chair in frustration, saying “no way am I spending coins or FIFA Points on this.” To prevent the message from appearing in the store, Mario bought it, but the ad continued to appear.

To the consolation, as much as possible, of the president of Ultimate Móstoles, the 1K t-shirt is not the official one worn by Iker Casillas’ team at the Cupra Arena. Due to image rights, it is assumed that EA did not reach an agreement with Kosmos and therefore made their own version to avoid the cost of these image rights, which are generally not cheap.

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