Discover the Universe: See a Space Photo from Your Birthday!


Are you ready for an out-of-this-world personalized experience? NASA has taken another giant leap to engage us all in the magic of space exploration. This time, it’s a captivating offer that’ll have you searching for your calendar: Discover what the Hubble Space Telescope saw on your birthday! That’s right, the moments when you were blowing out candles or unwrapping gifts, the Hubble was busy capturing the wonders of the universe—just for you to gaze upon now.

Getting in on this cosmic journey is incredibly effortless. All you need to do is grab your device—could be a PC, a mobile phone, or a tablet—and click on the special link that NASA provides. Once there, you’ll be prompted to input the month and day of your birthday or any other date that’s significant to you. Tap the “Submit” button, and voilà, in a mere couple of seconds, your personal slice of the cosmos will appear before your eyes. Displayed will be a breathtaking image that the Hubble captured on your special day, and you can even download it to cherish forever. Imagine having a snapshot of the cosmos from the day you were born—pretty cool, don’t you think?

But if you thought that was the only space-themed present NASA had for you, think again. For those who dream of leaving a mark on the moon, NASA presents an incredible opportunity to virtually hitch a ride to our lunar neighbor. How, you might ask? By sending a boarding pass with your name to the moon! Your name will be etched onto a chip that will travel aboard the VIPER Rover. This robotic trailblazer is scheduled to land on the moon in late 2024, venturing into the shadowy craters and aspiring to unlock the moon’s icy secrets.

If you’re eager to be part of this lunar legacy, the deadline to submit your name for this celestial journey is March 15. And it couldn’t be simpler—you just provide your name and some basic info, and NASA will do the rest. Once completed, you’ll even get a boarding pass to show off your lunar passenger status. To join in, you can find the submission form with a quick search or follow NASA’s provided link.

So whether you’re curious about Hubble’s cosmic discoveries on your birthdays past, or you want to send your name soaring to the moon, NASA has created unique ways for you to connect with the stars. Maybe it’s time to make some space in your life for these stellar experiences—after all, the universe is vast, and who knows what wonders you’ll discover on your personal journey among the stars.

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