Discover the Next Free Epic Games Title: Dakar Desert Rally – Dakar 18


Thursday means free games for PC players courtesy of Epic Games. The company continues its strategy of giving titles to players to entice them to buy from its store. The latest game available for claim from February 15 is Dakar Desert Rally. Usually priced at 29.99 euros, players will have the opportunity to claim it at no additional cost and keep it forever. The game, released in October 2022, is touted as “the greatest adventure all-terrain developed to date” and focuses on rally driving, specifically the Dakar.

Developed by Saber Interactive, Dakar Desert Rally features more than 30 official stages of the competitions and offers an immersive experience with the four seasons, complete day and night cycles, as well as various weather conditions such as sand storms, rain, intense snow, and deep mud. It also includes multiplayer and single-player modes for maximum enjoyment.

In addition to Dakar Desert Rally, Epic Games is currently offering the puzzle game Doors: Paradox, which lasts 5 hours, and will soon feature Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! and Lost Castle. The former is a psychological horror visual novel with elements of romance and horror, while the latter is a roguelike focused on the exploration of procedurally generated dungeons.

Furthermore, Amazon Prime Gaming members can now access 7 free games for February 2024, including Fallout. Additionally, PS5 and PS4 players can also play the 3 PS Plus games for free from January 2024.

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