Discover the hidden gaming temple in a Japanese castle for just 6 euros!


When traveling to Japan, the first names that come to mind are Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, or Kyoto. These destinations are attractive due to their history and culture, but there is a hidden treasure in a small town with less than 37,000 inhabitants.

This town is Atami and boasts a variety of attractions such as a beach, a plum garden, a sanctuary, and the Atami Castle, which is much more than a museum of samurai armor and swords.

At Atami Castle, visitors can find a museum dedicated to samurai, a climbing wall, and areas to play basketball. The most relevant feature of the castle is its gamer charm, with dozens of recreational machines offering a classic gaming experience.

Decades ago, gaming centers were vital for gamers who achieved the highest scores. Today, Atami Castle has countless licensed arcade games, including themed arcades inspired by popular characters such as Sonic, Mario, Marvel, and Capcom.

Atami Castle is located just 1 hour away from Tokyo, offering an affordable entrance fee of only 6 euros, which includes access to all the recreational machines, the climbing wall, the samurai museum, and other castle locations.

The existence of Atami Castle demonstrates that recreational machines continue to be vital for many users, with an annual revenue of 2,000 million dollars. While this is significantly less than video games and PCs, it confirms that there is still interest in this form of gaming.

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