Discover SMITE 2: A 2-Hour Action RPG Review


On January 12, those responsible for SMITE announced SMITE 2, the sequel to the MOBA which has brought together millions of players in its more than 10 years of life. With more than 100 gods and figures within the reach of very few experiences, the work of Hi-Rez Studios has become one of the most crowded in the industry.

As part of this announcement, Hi-Rez Studios invited us to attend to the SMITE World Championship, an event that took place between January 12 and 14 in Texas. There, in addition to witnessing the victory of the Jade Dragons, we were able to interview the game developers and learn more about SMITE 2, a title that we were able to test for almost 2 hours.

An advance in all aspects:

If there is one aspect that those responsible for the study emphasized, it was what SMITE 2 meant: “It’s the same as the first game, but better in every way”. As an occasional SMITE player, although I am very far from what could be considered a devotee of the license, I have to admit that that feeling is reflected from the first moment. Thus, it only took me a few seconds to be amazed by the capabilities of a title that, in short, takes the experience we already knew to a new level.

For those who do not know what SMITE is about; a very brief summary would be that it is an experience of five gods against five gods in an arena full of dangers. With a proposal similar to titles like League of Legends or Pok√©mon UNITE, the main objective of SMITE is to knock down your opponents’ towers, reach their base and knock down their last defense. However, this will not be a piece of cake, since along the way you will have to finish off minions, other enemies on the stage, and the rival players themselves.

Describing the experience as “a sequel to SMITE that preserves the soul of the first game”, I thought that getting familiar with the title was going to be “single and easy”. Luckily, I was not wrong, and my first game with Bellona and the second with Ymit were very similar to the previous experiences I had already experienced the first installment of the now franchise. And, in fact, this was just the beginning, since SMITE 2 is so spectacular that it is surprising that I played a very early version development.

SMITE 2: the same, but different:

One of the aspects that caught my attention the most when I started playing was the fun factor, which is SMITE 2. This is no surprise, since the first could already boast this condition, but it is very nice to see that all the positive sensations of SMITE will be present in its sequel. Thus, the games between 45 and 60 minutes are very enjoyable, very entertaining, and, above all, very pleasant.

Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, the new engine that presents a tremendous leap in quality compared to Unreal Engine 3, the characters have new animations, the skills look better than ever, and the battlefield is more immersive. Thus, although I had my doubts about how much of a sequel SMITE 2 was, the obvious and palpable jump in quality completely dispelled all the reluctance I had in my head.

Some bugs to polish:

Unfortunately, being a very early version of SMITE 2, I experienced a few crashes. With the announcement of the sequel, the developers revealed that one of the main virtues of the title was to become the first MOBA designed for consoles. So I thought it was a great opportunity to play with the controller, but the controls aren’t as well integrated as they could be and things like leveling up skills still can’t be done properly.

Overall, my experience with SMITE 2 has been tremendously positive. Although I am not the target audience not only of MOBAs but of multiplayer experiences, coming across one of this type and being able to enjoy it from the first minute speaks volumes about how the work is made.

As we told you in the news of the announcement of the sequel, SMITE 2 will begin early access testing starting spring 2024. Therefore, if you want to enjoy what is new from Hi-Rez Studios, you will still have to wait a few months to find out what they have achieved with this new title. However, after playing the sequel for almost 2 hours, I can assure you that the wait will be worth it.

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