Discover Metro Awakening: The Latest PS5 VR2 Saga Game


Metro Awakening has emerged as a thrilling highlight during Sony’s State of Play event. The buzz is real: one of the most revered shooter series of the past ten years is making a celebrated comeback. It’s not just fans who are excited about this return—the PlayStation VR2 scene has been eagerly awaiting new titles to showcase the potential of the console’s cutting-edge VR headset. And let me tell you, Metro Awakening’s debut teaser did not disappoint.

What’s not to love? The visuals are on the forefront of modern gaming, the atmosphere is as spine-chilling as ever, and the gameplay feels as natural and immersive as if you were truly navigating post-apocalyptic tunnels. Looking to the future, the prospect of exploring Metro Awakening on PS5 and PC is already one of the most highly anticipated for 2024.

Now, let’s examine some details we know so far. Metro Awakening isn’t playing favorites—it’s not bound exclusively to PlayStation VR2. On release day, the game is also set to hit Steam and Meta Quest. This is fantastic news, as it opens up the experience to a broader audience across all major VR platforms. Plus, the game isn’t just a continuation; it’s a prequel, taking us back to 2028. Dmitry Glukhovsky, the original mastermind behind the Metro novels, is overseeing the storyline—just as he did with the previous three games developed by 4A Games.

With Dmitry Glukhovsky being a Russian author and 4A Games being a Ukrainian studio, the Metro series couldn’t escape the shadows cast by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resultant turmoil. Glukhovsky himself is considered a fugitive in Russia, facing an eight-year prison sentence for his public opposition to the Kremlin and his criticism of Putin’s role in the conflict.

So, what influence could Glukhovsky have had on Metro Awakening while he remains in hiding? Given his integral role in past games and his likely eagerness to infuse his current experiences into the narrative, one can only speculate. 4A Games once hinted that “the war in Ukraine will make us rethink the message of future Metro games,” stirring curiosity about whether the new chapter will launch in Russia and what societal reflections it might contain.

Moving on from the somber realities of the world, Metro Awakening promises an original story filled with fresh faces. The trailer confirms that fans can expect to dive back into the dark, post-apocalyptic world where nuclear war has driven Moscow’s population underground. In this future, citizens dwell in the metro tunnels to escape the surface’s radiation and the monstrous creatures that roam above.

In a nutshell, Metro Awakening stands as a beacon for VR enthusiasts and a new frontier for a beloved series. It’s more than just a game—it’s a portal into an incredibly intense world that’s waiting to be experienced like never before. Whether you’re a series veteran or new to the Metro universe, the anticipation for this title is undeniably high as it prepares to take 2024 by storm.

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