Discover Children of the Sun: The Latest Devolver Digital Craze


A ruthless, somewhat bloodthirsty title that has just been officially presented on February 1, 2024, at 17:00. Updated February 1, 2024, at 17:16.

One of the companies that usually has very strange video games in its catalog that end up becoming great hits is Return Digital. It is known that the distributor is involved in a project and instantly being clear that you can expect anything, with proposals that are usually out of the ordinary. That is the case of Children of the Sun, a brand new indie that hadn’t been announced yet.

In recent days I have had the opportunity to try this very peculiar title of which It had not been discussed until now at any time. Therefore, apart from highlighting what it is about and what makes it special, I am going to be able to tell you what I thought of the trial version that I had in my hands, which barely lasted an hour, but enough to give me an idea of how it will be this psychedelic puzzle game.

A ruthless and bloody revenge against The Cult
Based on witnessing a series of sequences that seem hand-drawn, without script lines and with some somewhat strange scenes, this adventure tries to present us with a journey of revenge that has been developed by a single person, René Rother. The entire plot is related to The Cult, a cult that assured its members that they would live a peaceful life away from the stresses of modern life, which would make them happier and spiritually freer.

However, they were nothing more than fallacies, because being part of The Cult only caused their lives to be ruined. That was what a girl suffered who, over the years, has grown older with a tremendous thirst for revenge. So, equipped with a bizarre mask and a sniper rifle, she is ready to slaughter all those responsible one by one, especially her leader.

I also have to say that if it were not for the official description provided by Devolver Digital, it would have been a bit difficult for me to know the premise, because the truth is that the sequences are so extremely strange that you can’t stop asking yourself “what the hell am I seeing?” Its attempt at a soundtrack doesn’t help either, in which a noise like that of a broken turbine spinning at full speed can’t stop being heard in the background.

At least, from all these details, it is clear to you that you are looking at a game that is totally out of the ordinary, as is also the case with its artistic section. Of course, in this case it is more successful with those tones so dull and sinister which are certainly very consistent with the proposal of this game, which must be recognized as engaging thanks to its gameplay, although its soundtrack has also managed to drive me a little crazy in many moments.

All the protagonism falls on a single bullet
Once we are in the situation, it is time to take action. Our protagonist is an expert sniper who can move freely around the stage of each level, but only from left to right, looking for the best angle to aim at the victims she intends to annihilate with a single shot. And yes, she is a literal single shot because it only has one bullet, nothing more.

Of course, the normal thing to wonder is how you can blow off the heads of several enemies with a single shot. Well, it turns out that controlling the girl is nothing more than a mere procedure, because in reality all the focus goes to the bullet that is fired at full speed, since it is the one that must be controlled at all times being able to modify the speed at which it moves and even its movement in any direction up to a certain limit.

That is, you can’t make it move around the stage incessantly, but you can slightly alter its trajectory from left to right or from top to bottom. This way until hitting the body of any enemy, at which point everything will slow down and you will have to trace a new trajectory from the last place you hit. Basically, it’s like a kind of pinball machine, because you have to bounce from one victim to another without failing.

If you aim incorrectly or collide with any element on the stage, you will have to repeat the level from the beginning. In short, it is a puzzle game in which you have to think carefully about which path you are going to follow because the order in which the killing occurs is essential, given that sometimes because of the walls, cars, containers, trees, etc., that are everywhere, the field of vision is reduced or it is not so easy to hit the target. shot.

Furthermore, the game has leaderboards to assess the time it took, the aim, the place from which we shot and another series of factors that affect the final assessment, so it offers good replayability for those who want to improve their score even more, whether to surpass oneself or the rest of the players in the world.

The first contact with Children of the Sun has been very satisfactory. I’m not going to deny that I didn’t care much about the plot, although it’s not like the game puts too much emphasis on it, given that you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times sequences scroll across the screen, although I do wish that its soundtrack attempt was different. In any case, the important thing is that the gameplay is very addictive, especially because the levels are very short in order to give you more reasons to repeat them, whether by failing or reaching a new record.

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