Discover Bill Gates’ 3 Life-Changing Tips


Even if you’re not familiar with the tech industry, chances are you’ve heard of Bill Gates at some point in your life. The co-founder of Microsoft, leader of the company from its beginnings until his departure in 2014, is one of the most important people in the world. Thanks to his work, he was named until 18 times the “richest man in the world”, a position he achieved several times between 1994 and 2017. And, in relation to this success, Gates wanted to take advantage of his position to share three simple tips with which he assures that he can get along “a happy and successful life”.

As the portal points out video games, in a recent publication, the first of these tips is to ask the right questions. Thus, Gates considers that it is useless to face a problem without knowing what angle to attack it from. For this reason, he shares the two questions that he considers key when facing any situation: “Who has already addressed this problem?” and “What can we learn from it?” Thanks to this reflection, Gates assures that no need to reinvent the wheel since the most practical thing is to apply a solution that someone has already found.

As a second piece of advice, Gates reveals that it is vital to know how to say “no” to manage your time. According to the founder of Microsoft, his first years at the head of the company were marked by little sleep, not taking breaks, and an obsession with programming. However, everything changed during a conversation with Warren Buffet, author of the phrase that changed Gates’ life: “the difference between successful people and truly successful people is that the latter say no to almost everything.” After this, Gates assures that taking up every minute of your time is a sign of irresponsibility.

Finally, the third piece of advice that has marked his life is trust in people. When he began running Microsoft, Gates stood out for being a very toxic boss who controlled the days of his employees. However, he understood that people should not give themselves body and soul to a company that is not theirs, and he assures that he now has the patience and confidence necessary to be happier. For this reason, he has also added this factor to his three tips to achieve a happy and successful life. Well applied, who knows if someone who reads them will become the next Bill Gates.

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