Discarding Games & Consoles Worth €500K Unknowingly


As an avid collector or gaming enthusiast, have you ever marveled at the vast array of vintage video games and consoles that carry not just nostalgic value but also an eye-watering price tag? These treasures of virtual escapades can fetch a handsome sum for their rarity or limited stock, often becoming a prized possession in the world of collectibles. Yet, imagine the anguish of finding such prized collections discarded like everyday rubbish.

This precisely was the unfortunate fate of a staggering collection, a horde estimated to be worth a cool $500,000, or about 468,000 euros, that belonged to a young employee at the J & L Game store. The mishap? His mother, unaware of the goldmine stored in her home, nonchalantly threw it away, assuming they were just old, useless items taking up space.

The news source, Jeuxvideo, tells us the tales of many such collections that sometimes end up lost in time and space because their worth goes unnoticed. The mother, like most, didn’t realize that she was dealing with a small fortune in the form of digital entertainment. The son, on his part, had never enlightened her about the potential value of his assortment.

While the specific titles of the games discarded remain a mystery, we have snippets of information about the type of hardware that was in the collection. Gems from yesteryears such as systems by Coleco, Atari, Famicom, and the Neo Geo AES were part of the treasure trove—some even in mint condition, untouched and still sealed in their original packaging. To put things into perspective, a quick glance at eBay listings shows that a bundle containing a Neo Geo AES console along with a handful of SNK games can command prices upwards of 6,000 euros.

Imagine for a moment the magnitude of loss here. Items like Snowboard Kids 2, for instance, in their rarest editions, can command bids that reach into the thousands of euros. Collectors scour the market for these rarities, and some are willing to pay through the nose to own a piece of gaming history.

The realm of video game collecting is one that bridges the gap between mere pastime and significant investment. Ventures such as retro gaming have catapulted the value of what once were simply entertainment devices into potential retirement funds. A tale such as this serves as a poignant reminder of the quiet value that lurks within our attics and basements. Next time you’re about to dismiss what seems to be an obsolete gadget or an archaic cartridge, you might want to pause and ponder—could this be a hidden jackpot? Sometimes, the difference between trash and treasure is just a bit of knowledge and a lot of luck.

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