Director of Black Clover’s New Anime: Wistoria: Wand And Sword Trailer Amazes


Tatsuya Yoshihara will get to work with an anime that hopes to hit it big in 2024.

As the weeks progress, the billboard of anime premieres in 2024 increases more and more. After some unexpected surprises, this time it’s time to take a first look at the long-awaited adaptation of Wistoria: Wand And Sword de la mano de Bandai Namco.

For those who do not know the work, Wistoria: Wand And Sword tells the story of Will Sefort, a young man incapable of using magic and who wants to make a place for himself in the world of sorcery by entering the Regarden Academy of Magic. Throughout the play, we will see how Sefort enters all kinds of dungeons to earn points and climb little by little to the top of a mountain that seems impossible.

Although it seems like a 2.0 version of Mashle, the key to this anime is, basically, the team behind it. The study Minutes He wants this anime to have an overwhelming success, for this he has signed the best in the industry. The director will be Tatsuya Yoshihara, in charge of the adaptation of Black Clover and that he has been involved in different very well-crafted sequences of Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man.

On the other hand, the character design and animation direction will be in charge of Sayaka Ono, known for her work in Code Geass in addition to having Yuki Maeda, who had a great performance in the adaptation of Your Lie in April as art direction.

And to complete this team, we have Yuki Hayashi in the sound section. It may not sound familiar to you at first, but Hayashi has become one of the great composers in the industry after his time in Boku no Hero Academia, Haikyuu and Shaman King. Wistoria: Wand And Sword will arrive next July 2024.

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