Diddy Kong: The Other Protagonist of Donkey Kong Country


Donkey Kong was going to have another more well-known companion from his universe

One of Nintendo’s most important and beloved characters, besides Mario or Link, has always been Donkey Kong. Over more than 40 years we have seen him star in countless video games, but it was not until 1994 when he first took charge of his own platform adventure with Donkey Kong Country, developed by Rare for the Super Nintendo.

Without a doubt, this great work is one of the best titles ever published on the legendary 16-bit console. For the occasion, Donkey Kong’s appearance was completely renewed, which is the one that has been used since then in any video game in which it has appeared. Furthermore, one of the original ideas was that he would not be alone, so it was decided to add a companion in this travel.

It was then that Diddy Kong was created, who has since become one of the most important characters in the Donkey Kong universe and who we have also been able to see in many games. However, it was not the first option that was considered, because the original idea was that Donkey Kong Jr. was going to be his companion.

In fact, Donkey Kong Jr. was actually Diddy Kong by another name, because he was given the appearance with which we know him today with his characteristic cap. It was for this reason, because of the radical change in its design, that led Nintendo to contact Rare and insist on calling it something else or return it to its original appearance.

As a result of this, other options emerged, such as DK Lite, Diet DK, Titchy Kong, although the one that sounded the loudest was Dinky Kong. In any case, in the end the team decided to call him Diddy Kong and this was nothing more than the beginning of a long list of games in which we have been able to see him, from starring in his in Diddy Kong Racing until having appearances in sagas such as Mario Party, Mario Golf or Super Smash Bros.

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