Diablo Cody Eager to Create ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Sequel with Megan Fox


In 2009, the film “Jennifer’s Body” hit the screens with a splash of blood and horror, featuring none other than Megan Fox. She portrayed a character who went on a terrifying spree, claiming the lives of nearly anyone who happened to cross her path. Despite its cult following and popularity amongst horror enthusiasts, the commercial reception didn’t quite match the film’s bold and gruesome narrative. Fast forward over a decade, and the idea of a sequel might seem a bit far-fetched – or does it?

Diablo Cody, the creative mind behind the original screenplay, is not one to let go of the story just yet. On the official podcast of Bloody Disgusting, Cody playfully expressed her interest in making “Jennifer’s Body 2” a reality. “Yes, I want to make a sequel! I haven’t finished with the saga. I just need to partner with people who believe in it as much as I do, and who have a billion dollars,” she shared with a laugh. While the future of a sequel remains uncertain, it’s clear that Cody’s passion for the story burns as bright as ever.

While fans may or may not get to revel in a second installment of “Jennifer’s Body,” there’s another project on the horizon that has Diablo Cody’s fans on the edge of their seats. Described by Cody as “the most direct, bloody and terrifying thing” she’s ever worked on, this new horror film promises to be a thrill ride for fans of the genre. Details are scarce, but the anticipation is already mounting.

For those wanting to revisit the terror of “Jennifer’s Body” or experience it for the first time, the film is readily accessible on Disney+ as the exclusive streaming option. If you’re inclined to own a copy, the movie is available for rent or purchase starting from €3.99 on various platforms, including Apple TV, Amazon Movies, Google Play, and Rakuten TV.

Set in the small American town of Devil’s Kettle, “Jennifer’s Body” weaves a tale of childhood friendship between Jennifer and Needy that takes a sinister turn. Following a tragic fire at a local bar during a rock band’s performance, most attendees tragically perish. However, Jennifer and Needy miraculously survive the ordeal. But something dark has taken hold of Jennifer since that fateful night. Possessed by malevolent forces, she embarks on a series of gruesome murders, preying on those who dare to succumb to her seductive charms.

Whether or not we’ll see Jennifer’s story continue in a sequel, the legacy of “Jennifer’s Body” endures as a unique and darkly captivating chapter in horror cinema. With Diablo Cody’s unwavering fascination for the macabre, her upcoming projects are sure to enthrall audiences who have a taste for terror.

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