Deus Ex Voice Actor Reveals Video Game Industry Realities


The video game industry is currently going through one of the most turbulent periods in its history, with layoffs, canceled projects, and closed studios. One of those projects that will never come to fruition has been the new Deus Ex, canceled by Embracer before starting production. Now, Elias Toufexis, voice actor for Adam Jensen, accuses the video game industry of being in a catastrophic situation.

Although Toufexis is best known for his role as Jensen in Deus Ex, the Canadian actor has lent his voice to many other games, including Death Stranding, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, and Starfield. However, his role in the cyberpunk RPG is one he holds dear to his heart, so it’s no surprise the monumental anger that he has towards the European giant.

The actor has turned to Twitter, where he is usually very active, to express his frustration over the debacle in which the video game industry finds itself. He mentions with clear annoyance on the social network that “Deus Ex was cancelled. Another great game in which he acted and directed was cancelled and a third game in which he acted and directed was reworked.”

Although he acknowledged that neither Embracer Group nor Eidos Montréal had contacted him to reprise his role as Adam Jensen in a supposed third game in the saga, Toufexis’ words point to the senior managers in general. He admitted that if Eidos worked on a new Deus Ex with another character, there would be no problem. What he worries about are the canceled developments and the mass layoffs that are accumulating in a “strange moment we are living in,” as he noted.

“In my first 7 years in game development, there were only 3 canceled games, that was almost 20 years ago,” he quotes. In fact, and although he avoids commenting so as not to attract the attention of anyone with power and weight, he dares to affirm that of the projects in which he is immersed right now, three of them seem to have their days numbered and will be “cancelled before the end of the week,” although it is nothing more than a colloquial expression to reaffirm the danger in which those games are.

Embracer Group, owner of Eidos Montréal and franchises such as Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, plans to continue layoffs until March of this year. The company has confirmed that it will share the financial results for the period from October to December of 2023 next February 15, which will give us more information about the economic situation of the European giant.

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