Death Stranding 2: Beyond Mess, Embrace the Genius


Hideo Kojima is a name that begets an array of reactions. A pioneering force in the realm of video games, he’s as enigmatic as the worlds he creates—genius for some, an ego too large for others. Events like The Game Awards amplify his presence, feeding his towering persona, which sometimes overshadows creators like Swen Vincke, the mastermind behind the previous year’s best game. However, just when doubts cloud my perception of Kojima, he swoops in with an epic reminder of his legend status in this vibrant industry.

During a recent State of Play, gamers across the globe were treated to the fantastical and intriguing trailer for “Death Stranding 2: On The Beach.” Admire or detest his games, one cannot deny Kojima’s mastery in crafting captivating trailers. The opening moments are not merely about selling you a game—it’s an art form aimed to hook your attention, propelling you through the next minutes of a visual feast. And my, do those minutes count, especially when they stretch out into an engrossing nine-minute experience.

It’s easy to find oneself split by a spectrum of opinions on Kojima’s latest trailer—where some see pointless absurdity, others see the brilliance of the unconventional. A villain yielding a guitar as a weapon, strangely functioning “fake” hands lighting a cigarette, or a sentient puppet dangling as a keychain—the seeming madness of these elements isn’t just smoke and mirrors. They signify Kojima’s unrelenting drive to push the boundaries of gaming and storytelling.

Yet, “Death Stranding 2: On The Beach” isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a complex narrative, not for those seeking a plain tale or a run-of-the-mill game. An artist’s work becomes definitive when one can recognize it without even knowing the creator. Think of Okuda from Santander—his signature style is instantly identifiable. Kojima, too, strives to leave indelible marks on his games, edging gamers out of their comfort zones, not merely out of egotism, but to challenge and inspire.

Reflect on the games you’ve played throughout 2023. There’s been a plentitude of extraordinary titles fitting neatly into genres: action-adventure, RPG, survival horror. Kojima’s upcoming game defies easy categorization, engendering a promise not to cater to everyone. I recall how “Death Stranding” once divided my own opinion—with its grinding third chapter and forgettable battles—yet its story and those breathtaking instances set to a stirring soundtrack linger in my memory. Not every game, or its creator, has that profound an impact.

Kojima remains a figure that stirs mixed feelings, fiercely guarding his personal life despite his appetite for the spotlight. Countless articles and videos attempt to decode him, yet he remains an enigma—complex, impenetrable, and extraordinary, just like his games. Whether you’re drawn to his mythos, his storytelling, or his innovative spirit, Hideo Kojima’s footprint in the gaming universe is deep and utterly unforgettable.

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