Deadpool 3 Wrap: Bloodied Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman’s Shave


Hey, movie buffs and Marvel enthusiasts! Get ready for a wild ride, because ‘Deadpool 3’ is on its way! Our favorite Merc with a Mouth has just wrapped up another action-packed adventure, with the cameras finally halting after a bit of a chaotic production. Why, you ask? Hollywood strikes threw a little wrench in the plans at the end of 2023. Nonetheless, our dynamic duo, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman, seem to have had a blast and couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek with their fans.

Ryan Reynolds delivers an update that’s totally in sync with his infamous character’s irreverent charm. His Instagram post is quite the reveal, showcasing the iconic Deadpool costume stained with what looks like blood, sweat, and according to Reynolds, a lot of tears. He’s all gratitude, shouting out to the whole team for their dedication and resilience through tough weather, industry strikes, and the savage antics of Hugh Jackman. Reynolds emphasizes the joy of creating this film with his best mates – a rarity in the biz that makes the whole ordeal worth it. We’ll catch the whole shebang come July 26, 2024, so mark those calendars!

Speaking of Hugh Jackman, he’s out here causing quite the stir on Twitter. Fans are taken on a journey as Jackman posts photos of shedding his rugged Logan look, signaling a grand departure from his Wolverine persona. He confesses his love for the journey of making ‘Deadpool 3’, hinting that the training and diet were only a slice of the whole pie. Jackman sends thanks to the stellar cast and crew, bowing down to the bromance he shares with Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy, admitting that without them, Wolverine’s claws wouldn’t make a comeback. And for the eagle-eyed fans, a quick look at Jackman’s phone gallery exposed a thumbnail of our heroes in a warm embrace, teasing a possible sleeveless Wolverine costume that has left the fandom abuzz.

To spice things up, whispers around the superhero grapevine suggest ‘Deadpool 3’ will be a Fox-era mutant extravaganza. Expect a parade of cameos, some of which have already sneaked through the cracks. Deadpool’s going to have a blast (quite literally) with the past X-Men universes as he leaps into the MCU, courtesy of the ever-twisty multiverse. Who knows how our witty anti-hero will shake up the existing storyline?

Adding to the hype, there’s been a cheeky leak that could very well be the first poster for ‘Deadpool 3’. It’s only a glimpse, but hey, it’s enough to get the die-hards dissecting every pixel until the big day.

So, what’s next? Sit tight, true believers. ‘Deadpool 3’ hits theaters on July 26, 2024. It’s the only MCU flick slated for release that year, making it a monumental date in the Marvel movie calendar. Gear up for laughs, mayhem, and maybe even a tear or two (we won’t tell) as you prepare for Deadpool’s notorious return to the big screen.

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