Deadpool 3: A Crucial Film for the Future of Marvel


Deadpool 3 is taking more and more shape as filming concluded less than a week ago. The first synopsis of the project has been revealed, offering an initial preview of the plot of Deadpool 3, which makes it clear that the arrival of the Merc with a Mouth to the MCU will be much more significant than it seems.

The synopsis reads, “Will that f****** irresponsible hero, Deadpool, change the history of the MCU with Wolverine?” This single sentence indicates that the film will mark a before and after in the Disney-owned franchise.

It is likely that both Deadpool and Wolverine will join forces to bring Fox’s most important characters to the MCU. Deadpool 3 is scheduled to premiere on July 26, 2024.

In VidaExtra, it was suggested that Deadpool and Wolverine have another pending account: proving that Daredevil created the Ninja Turtles. Additionally, all the Marvel series and movies that will be released in 2024 were also discussed.

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