Dead Cells to Receive Latest Update Soon


Dead Cells is now complete for Motion Twin: its next updates will be the last for this successful metroidvania roguelike with 10 million sales.

Dead Cells, one of the most popular indie games in recent years, by combining two of the hottest genres in the indie scene (metroidvania and roguelike) is close to seeing its end, after having sold over 10 million copies on all platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, and mobile).

Since 2018, the French studio Motion Twin has released 34 updates to the game. And there are still two to come… which will be the last: the studio decides that Dead Cells is already finished and moves on.

Dead Cells on mobile is pending the release of update 34, Clean Cut, while on PC and consoles, the update 35, The End is Near, will be released soon, although no date has been given.

The latest update for Dead Cells will be released on PC and consoles first

The 35th update of Dead Cells will mark the end of the creative journey with the game. The developer Evil Empire (a co-developer born from Motion Twin that focused on the updates, while Motion Twin turned to publishing and other projects) wants “new adventures.”

This decision comes after much deliberation, as their last paid DLC, Return to Castlevania, was an “amazing” success last year, they explain on Steam.

Our commitment to avoid the trap of “more of the same” and keep Dead Cells fresh and original has led us to this point. As we have seen with other long-running series, it is crucial not to overextend and risk diminishing the unique charm that makes Dead Cells special.”

This is the reason why the latest updates have taken longer than expected. However, they will not abandon the game if there are bugs, but do not expect more new content.

Nevertheless, the Dead Cells franchise will endure. Not necessarily with a Dead Cells 2, but with the animation series, a board game, or crossovers with other games.

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