Dead Cells Creator Criticizes Decision to End Post-Launch Content


Dead Cells, a game that has been entertaining players for more than five years with both its base experience and its expansions, is ready to say goodbye. The creators announced through a Steam statement that “update 35 marks the end of our creative journey in the game” and that Evil Empire, the studio mainly in charge of the IP, “will start new adventures”. The community has understood the studio’s decision and has sent messages of gratitude to the team for carrying out so many collaborations and surprises.

However, Sebastién Benard, former designer of Dead Cells who left Motion Twin in 2019, denies this situation. “Since you’re asking me, I’ll just say that Motion Twin has made the worst move imaginable against Dead Cells and Evil Empire” writes Benard on the game’s Discord server. “Having seen firsthand the real situation behind the curtains, I can honestly say that I am glad that I am no longer a part of it. The official announcement is completely a waste of marketing and the way this situation happened is on a totally different level.”

Benard continues to express his disappointment, stating, “I never imagined that my old studio would turn out to be so selfish people.” He wishes Evil Empire the best in their next projects, and hopes that the people working there survive this sudden economic cut. Evil Empire also published a statement confirming the cessation of new updates in Dead Cells and that the team is engaged in “a new game (or two)”.

Sébastien Benard was one of the original creators of Dead Cells and worked on the title as a designer until complications with the team led to his departure. Benard states that as the months went by, his relationships with the team became increasingly complicated, ultimately leading to his forced departure in December 2019. Following this, Motion Twin founded an additional studio with original Dead Cells developers, Evil Empire.

It seems that the end of Dead Cells may be the result of internal conflicts within the development team. It remains to be seen what new adventures Evil Empire will embark on, and whether the upcoming projects will capture the same magic that Dead Cells brought to the gaming world.

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