Dakota Johnson Uncertain About ‘Madame Web’ Outcome


Dakota Johnson, a name synonymous with Hollywood allure, is set to dazzle audiences once more with her upcoming movie “Madame Web.” This film marks her entry into the thrilling world of superheroes, specifically the expansive ‘Spiderverse’ crafted by Sony Pictures in collaboration with Marvel. In an insightful chat with Entertainment Weekly, Dakota Johnson shared her candid experiences from the set, describing the process as nothing short of “psychotic.”

As she steps into the genre of big-budget productions with its special effects and blue screens, this project has presented a completely new challenge for the accomplished actress. Known to many for her role in “Fifty Shades of Grey,” Johnson found herself in a novel and highly imaginative environment during the production of “Madame Web.” She humorously recounted moments on set where she had to pretend that explosions were happening around her. “Absolutely psychotic,” Johnson declared, acknowledging the surrealness of acting against a blue backdrop with only imagined chaos. Despite her unease, she remained hopeful, playfully confessing her concerns about her performance, “I don’t know if this is going to turn out well! I hope I did a good job!”

Yet amidst the technological wizardry of blue screens and conjured blasts, Johnson discovered a newfound confidence in her ability to tackle action scenes. She relayed with a laugh how surprisingly adept she’s become at performing high-octane stunts, even giving a cheeky nod to action star Tom Cruise. “It seems like I’m very good at it!” she exclaimed. Johnson detailed the impressive array of vehicles she got to maneuver, including an ambulance and a taxi, declaring that she drove virtually everything in the movie, barring any aerial or high-altitude stunts.

When it came to embracing the role of a comic book character, Johnson entertained some initial doubts. However, the unique attributes of Cassandra Web, the character she brings to life in “Madame Web,” sparked her curiosity and ultimately won her over. Johnson was intrigued by the character’s extraordinary powers, which relied heavily on the mind. The prospect of portraying a young woman with mental prowess as her superpower was both compelling and gratifying.

Fans eagerly anticipating the chance to see Dakota Johnson’s venture into a mind-centric superhero role won’t have to wait too long, as “Madame Web” is set to grace the silver screens on February 14, 2024. With Johnson at the helm and her enthusiasm for the character’s cerebral capabilities, this adaptation is poised to be an exhilarating addition to the superhero genre.

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