Cyborg Lobsters: Nanotechnology Detects Bombs


We have reached a point where reality surpasses fiction. If a few years ago, someone had told us about nanotechnology being injected into the brain to enhance our senses, we would have associated it with a Hideo Kojima video game or a science fiction movie. However, today, the idea of cyborg lobsters with nanotechnology to detect bombs is completely real.

This is not the first time that these insects have been used to detect chemical substances. Due to their powerful sense of smell, they have been used in experiments to create a system that can facilitate the prevention of possible terrorist attacks by identifying common components in the creation of bombs.

Researchers at the University of Washington conducted an experiment in which they injected nanoparticles into the brains of lobsters to improve their ability to detect and discriminate explosive odors. The injection of nanoparticles, specifically zinc oxide, caused an increase in the sensitivity of the lobsters’ electrical signals, making them more readable and consistent.

With cyborg lobsters capable of detecting certain compounds and sending the signal to researchers for reading, the next step is to develop a way to direct these insects to specific locations. This biorobotic army could detect bombs in crowds or inaccessible spaces, as well as serve as an environmental outpost by capturing compounds that can harm the planet.

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