Cyber Monday Deals: Incredible Offers on Consoles, Games, and Peripherals


Incredible Deals on Consoles, Games, and Peripherals

We are used to the great deals of the year arriving at times like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Days. However, the truth is that there are other equally or more important campaigns that offer us the opportunity to acquire any type of products related to video games in exchange for a reduced price. That is precisely what is happening right now with Miravia, which has started a campaign where we can find some incredible deals on consoles, games, and peripherals.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Consoles are always the protagonists of any great sales campaign, and on this occasion Miravia has surprised with one of the best discounts ever remembered in Nintendo Switch OLED. This model has slight differences compared to the original, but they will offer a more complete experience thanks to its 7-inch OLED screen, which despite not receiving changes in power level, will offer us a higher image level in any game. In addition, it has greater storage (64 GB vs 32 GB), incorporates a new rear tab, and its dock includes a LAN cable input. Right now you can get it for 264.00 euros.

Mando Xbox Aqua Shift

Xbox controllers have become collector’s products, due to the wide number of models that Microsoft has been releasing over the years. Despite not modifying anything in terms of features, its appearance is completely modified, and on this occasion we have this one with a design full of personality. Under the name of Aqua Shift, this controller has a bright blue color on its front, with a faded finish. In addition, its grips have a watercolor effect that looks really good on it. Of course, the device comes without the original box. Its price is 51.58 euros.

Sony Pulse 3D

Another of the essential peripherals in any gaming setup, especially today, are gaming headphones. The market offers endless options, but the truth is that, if we own a PlayStation 5, the Sony Pulse 3D are one of the best value for money options we can find. Compatibility with 3D sound, wireless, with good autonomy, and a design that is really comfortable. In addition, it has a microphone without a rod that further stylizes its design. Right now you can get them for 78.90 euros.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Although there have already been releases as important as Tekken 8 or Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the truth is that the most important game of the year is still missing. We talk, of course, about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The Square Enix game will allow us to continue Cloud’s adventure after the events that occurred in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The studio has promised that they will improve all those aspects that were criticized in the first installment of the return of this classic, making it a must-have for every fan of the saga as well as for fans of JRPGs. Now it can be obtained in reserve for 55.90 euros.

LEGO Star Wars Diorama Emperor’s Hall

The appearance of our gaming setup is an element that more and more players take into account. Although there are many options to customize it, whether through RGB lights or video game merchandising, it can also be extended to many other things, such as official series products, books, or movies. In case we are Star Wars fans, this LEGO diorama recreates one of the most iconic scenes in the saga, with Luke, Darth Vader, and the Emperor in the throne room. It has a total of 807 pieces, including the figures of the three characters. Also, some interactive elements, such as the Emperor’s own throne. Its current price is 74.99 euros.

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